Tattoo artist transforms school bathrooms in Lakeland

With the stroke of a brush and some paint, tattoo artist Izic Woodall is changing young minds at Medulla Elementary School in Lakeland.

A couple of teachers came to their principal with an idea to brighten up the school's bathrooms. 

"Two of my teachers approach me about the atmosphere in the restrooms and thought it would be a great idea to just add some character to the restrooms. So that's what we did," Principal Myra Richardson said.

A little more than two weeks later, Woodall had transformed the once-drab walls into works of art.

"Took the inspiration of the kids' imagination and just kind of threw it on the wall," said Woodall. "To make them feel like that they have something to inspire them throughout the day."

He has been a  tattoo artist at Holy Grail Tattoo Shop for four years. He grew up with a pencil and paintbrush in his hands.

"My grandfather was an artist, aunt was an artist, kind of runs in the family," Woodall said.

Now he is using his skills to help students learn life lessons through art.

"My hope is when they get to the restrooms that they feel encouraged and that they feel better when they leave," said Richardson. "The kids feel more comfortable when they enter and they leave. There's less interruptions, less distractions in the restrooms, at this point."

Woodall said it's all about inspiration.

"It just allows me to help people, inspire them, whether young or old, to be free with their imagination and not to forget that even though life is hard sometimes, you still got to have fun," he said.