Teen killed, driver arrested after packed SUV crashes in North Port

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Police in North Port said more than a dozen people were riding inside and on top of an SUV that crashed early Saturday morning, leaving one teen dead and three injured.

The crash happened shortly after 2:30 a.m. in the area of Joewood Circle and Genip Court.

Authorities stated that those streets, commonly referred to as the Yorkshire Area, are a hotspot for teen hangouts. 

"We spend a lot of time, certainly on the weekends, patrolling that area, but it is a place that has a vast amount of space and land and people know where to go,” said Josh Taylor with the North Port Police Department.

Police said the driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Stephanie Evrard, missed a turn causing the vehicle to roll over and eject a 17-year-old girl. Authorities believe the car rolled over on top of the teen. She was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Three other passengers, ages 13, 17 and 19, were injured and taken to area hospitals.Two of the three injured passengers were airlifted.

According to investigators, there were 13 people total inside and on the roof of the SUV when it crashed.

Evrard, who police said was intoxicated at the time of the incident, was arrested and booked into the Sarasota County Jail. 

”Nobody meant for this to happen but there are consequences,” Taylor said.

Authorities have not released the victim's name, citing Marsy’s Law. However they did confirm the victim is a student at North Port High School. Counselors will be made available to students at the school in the coming week.

Taylor said that this incident serves as a reminder why drinking and driving never go hand in hand.

"Whether you're a kid or adult, alcohol has an effect on your decision making," he said. "If you're under age and you shouldn't be drinking anyway, that's a whole other level.”

Evrard is facing one count of DUI manslaughter and three counts of DUI with personal injury.