Teens accused of prying open game machines at Sarasota business

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In a room packed with parents, kids, and arcade games, two teens tried to blend in, but surveillance video shows they weren't there to play.

"The one guy was basically a decoy. He’d watch out, pretend like he was on his phone, and the other guy would break in,” said Mike Evanoff. 

Evanoff owns Evie's Tavern on Bee Ridge in Sarasota. He caught the pair's actions on surveillance camera. 

Evanoff says they pretend to play games, but were really breaking into the machines and stealing quarters and cash. 

It happened Friday night. Staff didn't realize what had happened until Saturday morning. 

"I had actually got a call from one of the girls saying one of the games was open," said manager Colleen Cramer. 

Cramer said the surveillance footage reveals the suspects' every move. 

"The money was gone and a couple of other games were damaged," said Cramer. 

The thieves left their mark, apparently using a tool to pry open the machines and steal all of the quarters and dollars inside. 

"They're brazen. It’s just blatantly stealing, is what it is. It doesn't put a good feeling in your stomach and it’s not a good scene to see," said Evanoff. 

Evanoff is working with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office to identify the teens. For Evanoff, it's even worse knowing they were doing this all within feet of kids playing. He has a message for the duo. 

"We’ll eventually catch you," he said. 

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.