Tenant argument at Tampa apartment goes viral

A video shot at a Tampa luxury apartment building has gone viral.

It shows two tenants hashing out some noise complaints. It gets heated and it gets personal.

The video was uploaded Sunday. In a little over a day, it got more than 200,000 views.

This all happened in a hallway of Pierhouse at Channelside.

The tenant on the receiving end of most of the anger, YouTube user “Philgood Davis”, said he didn't expect it to get this much attention, shares, or comments.

He said he just wanted to show building management.

Despite its popularity, a Tampa attorney who works with landlords says it raises a lot of issues.

"I hate you as much as you hate me," the woman is overheard saying angrily in the video.

The YouTube video is titled "Crazy Neighbor." You be the judge.

"I know when you come, I know when you go, I know when you go to the bathroom," the woman rants. "You're like stumbling and I hear the bathroom. I know when you pee."

Davis, wrote in the description, "I live at a 'luxury apartment' complex in Tampa, FL. Due to poor construction my downstairs neighbor can hear me walking around upstairs and thinks I am intentionally stomping."

The woman, who says in the video that her husband just passed away, came to put her foot down.

"White boy, take a picture," she directs to the camera recording.

The woman's son tries to be a buffer but things escalate quickly. "I will shoot someone's (expletive) brains out. Keep stomping on my head. I will do jail," she says.

"Goodbye, ugly white girl. You're fat," she is heard yelling to a female's voice inside the unit.

One share led to another. In a little over a day, the video got hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, Reddit and LiveLeak.

"I literally posted the link and sent it to the office, so, I could not have predicted that," Davis explained in a response video posted Monday.

The uploader himself, who barely got a word in the first video, set the record straight on his end.

"I was not trying to antagonize her," Davis said. "I didn't know how to handle it, honestly. That has never happened to me. I was not prepared."

Chalk it up to apartment living? Or, did it go too far?

"I think people are watching it for entertainment but it does raise a lot of issues as far as landlord and tenant," Tampa Attorney Joseph Alexander added.

Alexander, who works at Lieser, Skaff, Alexander advises landlords to write in the lease agreement, "tenants shall not disturb one another."

It gives the landlord power to remove a tenant, or can give the tenant rights to move out.

"If there is nothing really written in your lease, unless you can show it's intentional or beyond normal living, there is not a lot a tenant can do against the other tenant unfortunately," Alexander explained. "Where it got to in that video, unfortunately, it seems there were threats of violence against one another. When it rises to that level, obviously the first call is to 911."

Davis said in his video response, he just wants out of his lease or for his downstairs neighbor to move.

We contacted the leasing office. Despite the widespread attention, they aren't commenting on the situation.

Watch the video here.