There are three things you can do to stay safe in the cyber world, expert says

Capabilities online are expanding every day, but so are the risks. One simple miss-click can expose you to a whole host of problems. 

The Florida Center for Cybersecurity's director Sri Sridharan said the number of online threats is constantly increasing. 

"For the most part, I think the environment is getting worse and I think it will get worse before it gets better," he explained. 

The center's goal is to spread awareness about the types of threats out there. Sridharan said hackers use various techniques to figure out how to infiltrate your computer and steal information from you. It's their job to try and stay one step ahead of the hackers.

He said a strong defense starts with strong passwords. Change your password often and don't repeat them. 

"Don't use the same password you use for your financial transactions at your bank and your emails," Sridharan said.

Next, is phishing email scams -- resist the temptation to click at all costs. Sridharan said hackers only need one click.

"That opens the door for the hacker to get into your system,” he warned, “and from there, they can navigate wherever they want to go.” 

Steer clear of online surveys and quizzes, Sridharan added, and don't post personal information to social media.  

Sridharan said seniors are a primary target, but they aren't alone. 

"The younger generations, the millennials, they fully understand it but they don't care because they are caught up in this social media business,” he said.

Sridharan said the threat is real and it's coming for all of us. 

"Every second worldwide 72 records are being breached,” he explained. “That's a number that should put the fear of God in us."