Toddler takes virtual ride on Busch Gardens roller coaster

Just because your favorite theme park is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, doesn't mean you can't go on your favorite rides!

Amanda Biron posted a video on her Facebook page, showing her daughter, 1-year-old Ryleigh, sitting in a box as her husband Ken prepared to take her on Cheetah Hunt -- all thanks to a point-of-view video of the ride online.

"When you can't go to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, you bring Busch Gardens to you!" Biron wrote on the video's caption.

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The box even came complete with a cardboard "lap bar", for safety, of course.

Once the ride took off, Ken moved the box along with the movement of the ride, prompting the toddler to exclaim "Whoa!"

Ryleigh continued giggling as the coaster sped along the tracks, showing no fear even as the ride zigged and zagged.

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Once the ride came to an end, Ryleigh said "whoo-hoo" and clapped -- making it pretty clear she'll be happy to go on the ride for real once she's tall enough!

"Ryleigh had a blast on our little makeshift rollercoaster," Biron told FOX 13. "She loves going to Busch Gardens and watching all the big coasters, and this way she actually met the height requirement."

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