Touchdown to TikTok: Former Bucs quarterback gains following as trick shot star

Most people remember Brad Johnson as the former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but these days he's working off a new playbook. He is TikTok's "BigBadBrad."

"When I first started doing stuff on TikTok, it was actually during the pandemic," Johnson said.  "I saw these things going on with trick shots, a lot of people make one trick shot…I said I’m going to do something a little bit different. I try to make three or four or five shots in a row with a basketball or football," he said.

Johnson, now living in Georgia, has amassed a sizable army of social media followers. Many of course are a bit too young to have seen him in his Bucs hay-day.  

"I practiced the shots or the throws that would happen in the games, I wasn’t a trick shot guy," Johnson said. "It’s like my exercise, my therapy to accomplish some of these things," he said. 

"Honestly, they don’t go in the first time, very seldom," he said. "It is like a dance trying to go from one shot to the next shot and honestly to make that fourth or fifth shot, you can get a sweat going. When you see me celebrate its true jubilation."

The former Bucs player is still giving fans something to cheer about on TikTok. 

"It is like a two-minute drive. You kind of get nervous to make that shot and all, but a lifetime of practice to make them," he said.