TPD requests surveillance video near Seminole Heights murders

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn riled up the troops Wednesday afternoon as officers continue to saturate Seminole Heights after three murders there remain unsolved.

There’s still very little to go on in the case, but the mayor and interim police chief are vowing not to rest until they catch the killer.

We’ve heard the mayor ramping up his rhetoric in terms of tracking the killer down.

He and Tampa Police Department Interim Chief Brian Dugan are doing what they can to let the community know they’re still working hard.

Mayor Buckhorn told officers before their shift Wednesday, he wants them to, "bring the killer’s head to me," adding "we’re gonna catch that S.O.B."

And he told them how much the community appreciates the work they’re doing.

"The only thing that stands between good and evil is the Tampa Police Department," Buckhorn said. "We are one team in this effort. We're not going to let the bad guy take over this neighborhood. This is our neighborhood."

As for the investigation, the chief says they're still looking for the person seen on surveillance video walking through the neighborhood after one of the murders.

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Officer continue to go door-to-door asking folks if they have any information.

The chief reiterated, if anyone has surveillance video not yet seen by officers, they should call police right away.

He says someone knows something and it’s time to come forward.