Troopers: Driver's own dash camera video shows him try to run motorcyclist off roadway

State troopers arrested a driver after a road rage incident in Palm Harbor Tuesday.

Jonathan Blaine will face four charges after he allegedly almost ran a motorcycle off the road and fought with troopers on the side of the road after they tried to arrest him.

The suspect's dash camera shows the moment his vehicle collided with a motorcyclist.

Troopers say Blaine's SUV had its dashcam rolling as he pulled up to a group of motorcyclists. They were all turning from Langstaff Dr. onto Lake St.reet George. 

After they make the turn, Blaine passes the motorcyclist, who had pulled over to the road's shoulder. About five seconds later, as the motorcyclist tries to pass Blaine, troopers say Blaine swerved and made contact with the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist nearly goes off the road, then turns around and comes back.

Meanwhile, troopers responded to a call for a roadside argument. They say Blaine told them he didn't know why the motorcycle hit him. 

But after Blaine let them watch his video, they talked to the motorcyclist, who said Blaine "most definitely" did it intentionally.
The motorcyclist said he was injured in the crash.

Troopers arrested Blaine, or at least tried to.

"Is this really necessary, sir?" he asked as they ordered him to put his feet into the trooper's vehicle.

He told troopers he can't afford to go to jail because he has an interview.

"You need to think about that before you do what you did," the trooper said. 

"Sir, I didn't do anything, I am blind in my left eye," Blaine responded.

Moments later he starts resisting, eventually wrestling troopers to the side of the road. After 13 minutes, Blaine was put back into the vehicle.

Blaine faces four charges, including battery of a law enforcement officer, aggravated battery for hitting the motorcycle, and trying to escape custody.