Trump supporters come together in Clearwater to hold a vigil

Trump supporters in the Bay Area are rallying around President Trump as he challenges the results of the presidential election by taking to the street with signs and flags. A few hundred Trump supporters came together in Clearwater Beach to hold a vigil for the president.

Honks and cheers for President Trump could be heard throughout Clearwater Beach Sunday.

"I'm just emotional. We have to pray for Trump. That's what this is all about," organizer Penny Jones said.

Jones with Penny's Trump Trains, a pro-Trump grassroots organization, helped organize Sunday's prayer vigil and march. It comes one day after keys states Nevada and Pennsylvania turned blue giving the Biden-Harris ticket the votes need to take the presidency. Their victory is now being challenged by the president who says there's been election fraud.

"We were watching the numbers coming in and Trump was ahead and then all of a sudden Biden was ahead. I think this is the biggest fraud that has ever been in our country," Jones said.

Sunday, a few hundred Trump supporters came together at the corner of Mandalay Avenue and Baymont Street in Clearwater Beach. Several people could be seen with flags flying and signs in hand. 

"Don't stop. Do not stop. Keep the faith. Keep waving the flag," Trump supporter Demian Mochary said.

As Trump supporters challenge the results, Biden supporters are celebrating the win and hope President-Elect can help bring the country together.

"We need somebody who is experienced in negotiating and communicating. Somebody that's going to listen to both sides and find a place in the middle to welcome all of us," Biden supporter Michelle Cherry said.