USF football player arrested on gun charges

Another USF football player was arrested Thursday on a felony gun-related charge, days after a teammate was also taken into custody for the same incident.

Lamar Robbins is charged with discharging a weapon on school property and lying to police. The USF cornerback is accused of taking part in an incident that also landed Benjamin Knox, an offensive lineman, in jail.

"He's very involved in community service through his sports team and he currently is a straight-A student," Robbins' defense attorney told a judge Friday morning as he asked for -- but was denied -- a lower bond.

University police said Knox and Robbins were celebrating the football team's win over Syracuse last weekend by firing a gun on campus; investigators said five bullets hit two Holly dorm buildings.

"Those residence halls are full," said USF Assistant Police Chief Chris Daniel. "Those rounds could have ricocheted, they could have gone through windows. To me, it's a very irresponsible behavior."

The judge agreed and, based on a risk that he called "severe," raised Robbins' bond to $15,000.

At least of the bullets tore into the concrete exterior wall, just feet from several dorm windows.

"Words can't really describe how scary that is. It's just the feeling you get is not a good one," said Maria Burbridge, who lives in the dorm, adding she's glad the players were arrested. "They're adults and they're role models too on the USF campus, so if they don't get charged, what does that say for the other students."

Both players have been suspended from the team. A spokesperson for the Athletics Department released a statement which read, in part, "[Robbins and Knox] will remain [suspended] as we continue to gather more information through the proper authorities.  We cannot state strongly enough our commitment to the values of our institution and that any behavior inconsistent with those will not be tolerated."

"You put your fellow teammates and your community mates at risk," Daniel said, adding he doesn't think the incident should reflect poorly on the team. "I do think that the university and the Athletics Department do a great job of trying to keep these things from happening. These are random acts that these gentlemen decided to take on their own."

According to the State Attorney's Office, Robbins was charged in 2010 with assaulting a law enforcement officer in Miami. The charge was dropped.