Venice police set up dedicated line for tips about missing mother-of-4

A dedicated tip line has been set up for anyone who has information about the disappearance of a Venice mother-of-4.

Tracey Lynn Rieker's husband, Christian Rieker says he last saw his wife Wednesday, September 30 around 3 in the morning.

Christian says Tracey, 44, left their home that morning, leaving behind her phone and wallet. Christian said his vehicle, a green Nissan Xterra with Florida tag PO8116, was also gone.

Christian says after a full day with no word from Tracey, he began posting on social media to try and figure out what happened.

Tracey and Christian Rieker

"It's just been overwhelming, the outreach. Hundreds and hundreds of people reaching out and concerned about her. There's been literally hundreds of people being out, looking for her," Christian said.

In an interview Tuesday, October 6, Christian said his wife's behavior had changed before her disappearance.

"She was having trouble sleeping and wasn't eating a whole lot. [She was] really focused on her religious outreach, and so when we woke up the car was gone and she was gone, her car and her purse were still at home... so we just called the authorities," Christian said. "I actually called her phone thinking that she'd have it and then noticed it was ringing in the house."

A representative for the family, Jennifer Irvine said in a media release, in addition to trouble sleeping, Tracey had been "fasting for religious purposes."

A flier created by the family says before Tracey disappeared, "she had not eaten or slept for a few days," and "she may be disheveled or delirious."

From the media release:

"It is important to note that this year, Tracey has experienced changes in her mental and emotional state. She has previously received professional assistance to address these but may be currently in need of emergent medical assistance from a licensed professional.

"Prior to Tracey‘s disappearance she was having trouble sleeping and was engaging in fasting for religious purposes. She was cleaning her townhome, located in a active construction sub-division, between the hours of 3am-6am September 30th and decided to remove trash by dropping them in a community dumpster. It is believed at this point she went missing."

View the family's flier here.

Irvine's statement said there are two entrances to the sub-division, however, they were not able to uncover any video footage of the Nissan Xterra entering or leaving.

Irvine also said Venice police have used helicopters and other resources to search for Tracey near preserves, beaches, and other outdoor areas. Private donations have also helped the family employ drone operators and a private investigator to help find Tracey.

Her husband is still hopeful that Tracey will turn up. He said Tracey's recent increased interest in her religion has led her to visit public places where she speaks to others about God.

"Tracey has recently discovered a faith in Christianity and is actively exploring that through conversation with strangers and believers of similar conviction," the family's press release stated.

Said Christian, "She doesn't have a specific church that she's been working with locally because of COVID but the last six months, religion has been a big importance to her so we have been looking at churches, anywhere that people are because she just wants to talk about God and her discoveries and trying to share the message that she has to share with anyone that is wanting to listen."

Tracey is described as being a petite 5-foot-4, 120-pound woman, who has blonde hair and brown eyes, with a heart tattooed on her ring finger. Tracey is thought to be driving a green Nissan Xterra with Florida tag PO8116.

Anyone with information on Tracey's whereabouts or believes they have seen her or her vehicle is asked to contact the Venice Police Department at 941-882-7654 and reference case 20-1562.

"I'm absolutely worried that someone would take advantage of her kindness and her free spirit. If she's just out there trying to help people and deliver a message that she thinks is more important than anything else, important enough to get over her complete fear of the virus that's going on in our world, and she is so sweet and that's why so many people are willing to do absolutely anything to get her back," her husband said.