Visitors and locals alike can take walking tours of historic Ybor City

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Ask any local. When you go to Ybor City, it all starts on 7th Avenue; and, for visitors, you can start there as well to tour Ybor City and learn about its rich history.

Ybor City Walking Tours take visitors around "one of the most unique cities in all of America," according to tour guide Max Herman.

Herman takes visitors around the neighborhoods of Ybor City to learn about its past.

"We talk about how it became the cigar city capital of the entire world," he said.

A typical tour takes about 90 minutes as Herman walks with visitors along the brick-paved streets. 

He points out landmarks and takes their questions. The most asked one: "What's with all the chickens?" he said with a laugh.

As he talks up the true "melting pot" of immigration that Ybor City represents, his favorite part of every visit is this: "Telling stories about my home town and also meeting people from all over the world."

Ybor City, it seems, is still a melting pot.

LINK: For more information or to book your own tour, visit their website.