Volunteers bring joy of music to assisted living facilities

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A group of woman in their golden years is giving back to their peers in a very meaningful way, using their musical talents to bring joy to others.

Betty Lou Harp and her group "Chimes and Song" enjoys putting on musical concerts for assisted living communities like Twin Creek in Hillsborough County.

"[It's] the pleasure of seeing people smile and so forth and just to try and make people happy," she told FOX 13.

Harp started the group 27 years ago. The 11-member group plays hand chimes and sings songs for free.

The all-volunteer group strikes a positive cord with their audience.

"They were soothing, it was comforting and it was beautiful," said Twin Creek resident Rose Perez.

"They're wonderful," resident Peggy Stultz agreed. "They have been touring and loving and kind, and spreading the love of Jesus."

Cathy Lindsey has been playing and singing with the group from the beginning, and said it's rewarding to see the residents enjoying their music.

"It's just a pleasure to see people enjoying it, older people who can't get out," Lindsey said.

All of the members of the group are over 60 and love performing, bringing happiness and smiles to those in their golden years.