VP candidate Mike Pence makes appearance in Sarasota

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It would take more than a tropical rain storm to keep Fran Arnone and her husband Vince away from vice presidential candidate Mike Pence's Sarasota rally Wednesday.

"We took until 10:30 to decide because we were freighted. We lived through Hurricane Charley and we survived that. We said do we go? At the last second we said lets go. It looked like there was a break in the bands," she said.

They waited anxiously for Republican vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence to make his way through the bad weather.

"He brings so much to the Trump ticket. It's a marvelous balance," said Arnone.

When he finally arrived, Pence was surprised at how many people joined his rally in Sarasota.

"I got to tell you I love you people too. I'm so impressed that you all are out here today. This is Florida tough right here," said the Indiana Governor.

Governor Pence touched on many topics, including the main one. Donald Trump's immigration policy.

Even as he spoke to the Sarasota crowd Donald Trump was meeting with the President of Mexico. Trump will layout his immigration policy during a speech in Arizona tonight, Pence gave the Sarasota crowd a preview.

"When he talks in Arizona tonight. You will hear about security. We have a saying back in Indiana that good fences make good neighbors," he said.

Pence said the plan will be clear cut and said Trump won't back down from his promises.

"He is going to restore the boarders of this country. We are going to build a wall and stop the flood of illegal immigration and illicit drugs that are coming into the United States of America," he said.