Wanted suspect taunts sheriff's office on Facebook

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Sheriff Grady Judd hast plenty to say to Logan Hale, 21 about his recent Facebook posts.

”What kind of goofball are you?” the sheriff quipped.


Judd says the 21-year-old has been taunting the sheriff’s office on its own page – after they posted his wanted picture in their #FridayFelons” post on Facebook.


Hale, who recently changed his screen name to, Logan “Finally Free” Hale writes: “Hello, Here I am.”


Later he goes on to post, “deputies continue to look for me but are frustrated that I am unable to be located.”


”We're going to seek you out were going to find you because after all Logan Hale is going to jail that’s the bottom line,” Sheriff Judd said.


Hale stands accused of several serious charges including armed burglary after stealing $10,000 worth of jewelry and a firearm from home in North Lakeland on August 3.  It all belonged to Donald Clark.


 “I think it’s stupid of him to be taunting the sheriff’s department that way,” Clark explained.  “I think he's going to get caught he's pretty arrogant.”


The sheriff couldn’t agree more.


”We will laugh with Logan Hale as we take him all the way to jail,” he added.

There is a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest.