WATCH: Flamingo walks along Miami beach

A photographer in South Florida captured a beautiful flamingo on video walking majestically along the shore at Haulover Beach in Miami. 

Suzanne Mazzotti Zuckerman, an avid photographer who loves to take photos of wild flamingos, says she got an alert about a spotting of a flamingo at Haulover Beach Thursday afternoon.

She said she drove there and immediately spotted it, taking photos and videos of it as it walked along the beach. 

Zuckerman is a retired nurse who has been birding well over 12 years, and photographing wild flamingos specifically for the past three years.

"Watching them in the wild is just simply amazing!" she told FOX 13. "I report all my data and videos and pictures I send to Dr. Frank Ridgley who is trying to get our American Flamingos to be recognized as non-exotic and protected," she said.

Dr. Ridgley is a wildlife veterinarian at Zoo Miami's Conservation and Research Department. 

According to the zoo, there have been reports of the American Flamingo in the hundreds and even thousands around South Florida and the Keys since the 1800s, but recently only in small numbers in South Florida.