WATCH: HCSO chopper tracks fleeing suspect with ease

Criminals can run, but they can’t hide.

It’s a statement that is true now more than ever, thanks to the high-tech helicopters that allow law enforcement to take their search into the sky.

They’ve been proven to be an invaluable tool in catching suspects, but new video from Hernando County Sheriff's Office has revealed just how well they work. 

The footage was shot from HCSO’s air-unit during a hunt for some teens suspected of stealing a car.

One of them was caught and arrested quickly, but the other ran into some nearby woods in an attempt to get away.

He ducked under trees and tried to lay low, but the high-tech cameras in the chopper tracked his every move with ease.

The chopper pilot stayed over him and ended up directing fellow deputies and canines to his exact location.

Not only were the deputies able to arrest him, but they were able to do so without a chase, and more importantly, without violence.