When Steinberger scores for the Rowdies, Eat Right donates 500 meals

When Rowdies midfielder Zach Steinberger strikes the back of the net, he scores for the Rowdies and the Bay Area.

His goals are making an impact beyond the scoreboard. For each of his goals, Eat Right, which specializes in nutritionally complete, ready-to-eat meals, donates 500 meals to those in need.

"I kind of fell in love with the mission they had," said Steinberger. "It's a veteran-owned meal prep company. They really commit to their clients with properly portioned meals delivered every week right to your door. It comes with a gym membership as well."

In order for Zach to help feed more families, the Rowdies need to feed him more on the field. He has just one goal in their first 6-games, but the good news is that the Rowdies have 28 games on the schedule. 

"Oh yeah, it's 34 games, plus Open Cup, plus any other competition we get into," said Steinberger. "It could be great."

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If Zach equals his goals from his last 30-plus game season, that would be 40,000 meals.

It's a perfect partnership because his appetite for scoring is equal to his passion for cooking. He knows his way around a kitchen, so we took him to the Eat Right kitchen for a little taste test.

He didn't disappoint, serving up a meal of steak, cauliflower mash, and brussel sprouts, topped with a delicious tomato and savory sauce.

Over the last year, Eat Right has donated more than 300,000 meals to Feeding Tampa Bay and this year Zach Steinberger is giving their effort a big kick.