Rowdies are Tampa Bay's first professional team to return to play

The Rowdies were the first professional Tampa Bay team to return to practice under the cloud of COVID-19. They've been preparing for games for the last two months. Finally, Saturday night, they get to play the game they love for real, resuming the season at Al Lang Field against Atlanta United 2. 

Rays to buy Rowdies, Al Lang Stadium

Ownership of the Tampa Bay Rays announced Tuesday they would buy the Rowdies and Al Lang Stadium, but many are still asking why a major league baseball team want to get into the soccer business.

Tampa Bay Rays expected to buy the Rowdies, Al Lang Stadium

Multiple sources who have spoken with Rays president Brian Auld confirm to FOX 13 that the team will announce on Tuesday that they are buying the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer team, along with their home field of Al Lang Stadium.

Stadium issues goes to voters

People living in St. Petersburg will help decide whether Major League Soccer will make its way to the bay area. A special city wide election will be held Tuesday to allow city council to negotiate a 25 year lease for the Tampa Bay Rowdies to control and renovate Al Lang Stadium. It would modernize and more than double the size of the current stadium. Rowdies owner Bill Edwards has a lot on...

Rowdies begin 2017 season with kickoff party

It's almost soccer season in Charley's World! He headed to Al Lang Stadium on Thursday to chat with the Tampa Bay Rowdies players about the season ahead and their MLS bid.

Rowdies prepare for season in England

Next month, the Rowdies players will put a little spring in their step with a giant jump across the big pond, and there's no better place to prepare for the season than in England.