Winter Haven shop giving sanitizer to healthcare workers, shelters

Not many retail establishments give away items for free, but Home Remedy in Winter Haven does. And they're giving away something people are still clamoring for: hand sanitizer.

Home Remedy is handing out its own brand of sanitizer to people on the front line in the war against COVID-19.

“I think that is amazing. They need it and they need it now,” said Gail Anderson, who was shopping in the store on Friday.

The store has given away hand sanitizer to nursing homes, homeless shelters and health care workers.

“Since I started my business, I have been a firm believer in giving back,” owner Marilyn Lacey Amaral told FOX 13.

Lacey Amaral was already licensed to produce her own line of skincare and health products. About three weeks ago, she added hand sanitizer to the list.

She whips up about 12 gallons a day to sell in her store, and 12 gallons a week to give away.

Along with the unscented variety, she has come up with some pretty creative variations such as orange blossom and hydrangea.

The bottles sell from $4 to $20, depending on size.

If you feel sick:

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