Winter weather takes toll on travel through north Florida

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Snow and ice in northern parts of the sunshine state - as well as frigid conditions up the east coast - are taking a toll on travel.

In the Tampa area, Wednesday began with dreary skies and wet roads.

People driving north in the sunshine state were told to use caution. Winter weather the likes of which haven’t been seen in most areas for decades caused slick roadways and limited visibility.

It’s a dose of winter weather Floridians aren’t used to and part-time residents come to escape.

 “It’s crazy,” Joe Hernandez, of Ocala, said with a laugh. “I can’t believe I’m in Florida. We woke up this morning, it was in the 30s, low 30s.”

Sue Hoerter, of Virginia, added, “This is not warm, but we’ll take it. It’s warmer then it is at home, so that’s all we can say.”

Freeze watches and warnings have been issued for most of central Florida Wednesday into Thursday.

The weather in the Bay Area is expected to stay far below normal for the next several days.