Wish granted to local girl with cancer

Morgan Allen was a healthy little 8-year-old until July, when everything changed. Morgan began tilting her head to one side when she walked, her parents took her to the doctors to get checked out. 

"Morgan has a brain tumor," was the shocked responded from her father, Kenny Allen.

The news didn't stop there, the doctors told the Allens that her tumor was inoperable. Morgan's mother,  struggled with the prognosis. 

"3 months to a year to live, that's hard to swallow," said her mother. "It's an aggressive tumor, and we need an aggressive treeatment."

They think they might have found one that could save Morgan's life. An experimental treatment in Mexico that's not covered by insurance. 

While they wait, the Make a Wish Foundation decided to lighten the load by granting Morgan's wish to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom.