With depth of 148 feet, world's deepest dive pool opens to visitors

Deepspot, the world’s deepest swimming pool with a depth of 45 meters, which is about 148 feet, opened in Mszczonów, Poland.

Deepspot, which officially opened Nov. 21, holds 8,000 cubic meters of water, which is nearly as much water as 27 Olympic-sized swimming pools, local media reported.

The venue will serve as a training center for the army and firefighters, and it will also be able to accommodate visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Euronews reported.

The pool features manmade underwater caves, faux Mayan ruins, and a reproduction of a shipwreck, according to Deepspot’s website. Its facilities include a hotel with underwater views, a tunnel for spectators, a restaurant, and meeting rooms.

The footage uploaded to Facebook by free diver Agnieszka Kalska and filmed by Marek Pasierbski shows Kalska’s first training session at Deepspot, where she was invited to test the pool prior to its official opening.