Woman whose home was damaged by 11-foot gator gets repairs

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The Clearwater woman whose home was damaged when an 11-foot gator came crashing in back in May is finally getting much-needed repairs. 

Mary Wischhusen said she had been fighting with her homeowner's insurance company to pay for the repairs, but they denied her claim. Now, someone else has stepped up to help.

After the incident, Wischhusen couldn't go to work, the grocery store or even church without being known as "the gator lady."

"I've never been a celebrity," Wischhusen said.

Experts believe the gator likely saw its own reflection in her windows and went into fight mode, thinking it was another male instead of a mate.

"He didn't care where he went," Wischhusen said.

The gator broke windows, smashed walls and shattered wine bottles once inside. 

“The insurance company should have came to my rescue," Wischhusen said.

But they didn't. Her insurance company, Florida Peninsula, said wild animals aren't covered.

Peter Vetere, a VP at Home Performance Alliance, heard about her frustration. Vetere's company installed new windows and patched the walls.

“When we can stop in our tracks and do something good and help someone out it makes you feel good," Vetere said.

"Those windows look so nice today. Don’t they look so nice!," Wischhusen said.

She couldn't be more appreciative of the outpouring of support.

"I am thankful," she said.