Woman's turnaround inspired by her mother's words

A series of horrible health issues has given Deborah Gray a new appreciation for life. 

"I had cancer twice. I've had two heart attacks. It’s just been a battle," she offered. 

She even ended up homeless. "How in the world it happened, I don't know."

Things are starting to change for Deborah now. She has a new home and car, both paid for because of a book she wrote called 'Lessons in Love My Ma Taught Me.'

"I wrote about growing up in southeast Kentucky," explained Deborah. "A little poor girl that was taken care of by her grandmother and it taught her how to love God." 

The book was a compilation of blogs she wrote over the past 10 years. She wrote it in only three weeks. 

But Deborah believes there is a bigger mission in her books than just the written words. 

"By writing, I can help somebody else. Show them that no matter what you go through, it will get better," said Deborah.  

All the proceeds from her new book will go to Anchor House, a group home for boys.  

LINK: For more information: www.amazon.com/Lessons-Love-My-Maw-Taught/dp/150439397X