Worker injured in electrical line accident

A worker was badly injured when he was shocked by power lines in Sarasota at around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The victim has been identified by loved ones as 23-year-old Omri Snow.

When crews got to the scene, they say Snow's lift truck was engulfed in flames. 

Investigators say he was hanging banners for a private contractor on light poles but somehow came into contact with power lines.

He had to be rescued from the lift, which was 20 feet in the air and engulfed in flames when crews got to his location on Lorraine Road near Fruitville Road.

He was badly burned and had to be flown to the hospital.

The mother of Omri Snow’s girlfriend provided pictures of him, saying they were on their way to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office could not immediately confirm Snow's identity but said the victim is a 23-year-old male.

The county said it did not have information as to who hired the workers to hang the banners on the light poles.

It took 16 minutes from the start of the fire for Sarasota crews to arrive and put it out.

Power had to be turned off to 3,000 homes while investigators did their work. It was restored several hours later.