Years after abortion, clinic helps woman make life-changing decision

Emma Nicolaides's path to motherhood did not take a traditional route. When she found out she was pregnant at 21, she was on the verge of graduation from college and an unexpected baby was just not in her plans.

"I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship," she recalled.

She was not on speaking terms with her family. She chose abortion. It was the simple way out.

But it wasn't that simple. 

"Lack of support really affects your decisions,” she offered.

Fast forward to 2018. Emma found out she was pregnant again. 

"This time, I had support,” she said.

She and her boyfriend sought some help. They searched for free pregnancy services and found A Woman's Place Medical Clinic.

With some counseling, she made a different choice and decided to keep the baby. 

"Everything they did was free,” she said of the clinic. “If you need a crib, they have a crib."

Olivia-Rose was born in October, and Emma couldn’t be happier. “My heart was placed outside of me and into her." 


Emma celebrated her first Mother's Day this past weekend, and is grateful for the role the clinic played.

"Every time I go, they shower you with love," she added. “They really saved my life."

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