Young cancer survivor, mother make face masks more comfortable for healthcare workers

Susan Cooney and her eight-year-old daughter Bella happily make crocheted face mask extenders for healthcare workers. 

"I knew we had to do it and that we could help others," Cooney said. 

The reason they felt like they had to do it is that when Bella was a baby she was very sick and received a lot of love and care from nurses and doctors while in the hospital. 

"Bella was diagnosed with stage three neuroblastoma cancer when she was 17 months and we were living in the hospital for almost a year," explained Cooney.

The support Bella received from the hospital, motivated Cooney to make the extenders. 

"I just wanted to help give back cause there were so many nurses, our church, our school, friends,  family, all reached out to us when we were going through trauma with Bella,” said Cooney. 

Susan said the mask extenders are needed to keep workers comfortable. 

"They wear their mask all day and it goes behind their ears,” said Cooney. “They're getting sores behind their ears because you can't just go into a room and take it off. With this, there is no pressure and it’s an amazing thing." 

Bella is proud of her mom. "I think it’s really generous for her to make mask extensions for doctors and nurses," she said.

"I'm happy that I am able to teach the kids that even the littlest things can mean this much to some people,” Cooney said.

For the Cooney’s, this is just one example of how their family is coming together to help others.