Kids can join the circus this summer; Sarasota's unique summer camp

Let your child run away this summer and join the circus. 

The Circus Arts Conservatory Circus Summer Camp is one of Sarasota's most unique summer camp experience.

Starting June 5th through Aug. 6th kids ages 6 to 15-years old can learn real circus acts like the low wire, unicycle, trampoline, hula-hooping or juggling. These campers get to learn a variety of different types of circus performance acts from professionals who are in the circus performance world. 

 "Well I come from a 5th generation circus background so for me, it's really great to see so many young kids that come in to try their hand at Circus," shared Miguel Vargas, head coach for The Circus Arts Conservatory.

By the end of the week they actually get to perform a particular performance for their family as well.

"Before you had to run away to join the circus, but now they get to come here and have a good time and just learning, exploring and getting that opportunity right here is Sarasota," said Vargas.