At camp, Bucs' eyes in the sky go high-tech

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One sight that is missing at Buccaneers Training Camp this year are the hydraulic lifts that have hovered 50 feet above the practice fields for decades. They've been replaced with hi-tech "eyes in the sky.”

The coach's master-cams are now run from the ground, removing team photographers from their precarious platforms. 

8K Solutions has brought safety and convenience to One Buc Place. The Glazers love new technology and have made the pricey investment this season. They purchased three units at a cost of $75,000.

It was eight years ago that a student at Notre Dame filming football practice was killed when a tower toppled over in 50-mile-an-hour winds. Bucs video director Brett Greene has seen and heard about many scary incidents in his many years in the league.

"There were some incidents that have happened over the years on those lifts. Some are public, some are not public,” said Greene. "They weren't fun some days."

When the Glazers gave the green light to purchase them, Greene – who was previously with Jacksonville – didn’t hesitate. 

"8K Solutions has been using these for about four years and right when I got down here to Tampa, I wanted to get them here,” continued Greene. "They're so much safer. Ownership and head coach were all onboard for getting them. They're so much more efficient. We get stuff in quicker. They're safer. If a storm comes along, we are inside within 30 to 45 seconds."