Bucs and Browns both feel the heat

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The planned practice session didn't go as scheduled, even on the Bucs' home turf.  Day one against the Browns looks eerily similar to day one against Jacksonville last week -- unimpressive, especially to the Bucs' head coach.

"No juice, no juice," complained Dirk Koetter. "No one wanted to practice today."

Koetter didn't get to see how his defense matched up against Browns, but the players give themselves passing grades.

"I feel we played our keys, read our keys, did what we needed to do," said William Gholston. "There's always things that we need to perfect. That's the key, perfection."

"I feel like we did an OK job," said Clinton McDonald. "We're never satisfied if we're not on the field showing greatness. So we did OK in certain aspects; in certain aspects we have to straighten up and get our act right. But for the most part, I feel like every day's a learning process, every day you're either going to get better or get worse, so we're striving every day to get better."

While Dirk Koetter wasn't impressed with practice. Former Bucs and current Browns quarterback Josh McCown saw a dramatic change in the Bucs' defense.

"They're are flying around for these first two weeks," said McCown. "I know it's early and everyone isn't happy with where they are. But they are flying around and playing hard."

What's even most disappointing about the Bucs' ineptness on offense is that it came against a Browns defense that withered in extreme heat.

"I think the Browns, it was a rude awakening for them," offered McDonald. They had a lot of towels on their heads and Josh McCown tried to warn them, like, 'You guys need to hydrate.'  I don't think it resonated until they got out here."

"I tried to tell them," laughed McCown. "The best thing you can do is to turn your shower on as hot as you can and get in there in full pads. Then walk out and try to practice. That's really what it's like. You don't know until you get down here and experience it. I did not let us down."

On this second to last day of training camp, both teams were feeling the heat.