Bucs players preparing for a return to action

Tampa Bay Buccaneers players continue their work, sweating it out under the sweltering Florida sun, waiting to get the official call to Training Camp.

A group of 10 Buccaneers hit the field early at the Skyway Park in Tampa Monday. The group included first-round pick Tristian Wirfs, runningback Dare Ogunbowale, and wide receivers Justin Watson and Bryant Mitchell.

Their commitment has been strong this offseason with the Bucs banding together for these organized workouts.

"A hunger," Bryant Mitchell told FOX 13 Sports. "That's truly what it is. A hunger to be the best that we can be. A hunger to really work for it. Come out and show it."

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There was no Tom Brady on this day, but Brady and his Bucs bunch have put in many hours at Berkeley Prep over the last two months. Many of their secret workouts were captured by SkyFOX and the players took notice.

"I just laughed," said Mitchell. "First, who told them? Then just for them to be out there. It's almost exciting, you know. It's almost having an eye in the sky when you're at practice. You've got a camera everywhere. It didn't make too much of a difference, but it was exciting to see it."

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The NFL's plan right now is for rookies to report to training camp on Tuesday. The Bucs have pushed back that date to Thursday. That's also when quarterbacks and injured players can report.

Then on Tuesday, July 28 the rest of the veterans can come in. The NFL and NFLPA have not come to an agreement on safety protocols or player compensations.

The league announced late Monday it will require daily COVID-19 tests for the duration of training camps.

Before that announcement, players around the league were not confident a deal will be done in time to make those dates.

"I'm not the most confident," said Mitchell. "But I'm not trying to be a Debbie-Downer at. I'm excited. I hope we get started. We want to play. We're excited that if it does start, we will play. We'll be ready."

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