Bucs surround Winston with sage advice

Jameis Winston has a trio of voices that surround his every move at practice. Head Coach Bruce Arians, quarterback coach Clyde Cristensen, and Offensive Coordinator Byron Leftwich all are giving the quarterback important feedback.

For Winston, it's three-part harmony.

"All the coaches are coaching together," says Winston. "[Coach Arians], Coach Clyde, and Coach Byron, they're all in it together, so it's good to get different perspectives but all in all the same coaching method when it comes to going out there and executing on the field." 

The relationship between coaches and player can sometimes be one-sided; "I'll talk, you'll listen." But the Bucs have insisted Winston give honest feedback. 

"Being candid and honest will always help," says the four-year veteran. "You got to be honest with everybody. That's just an important value to have."

Earlier this offseason, both Christensen and Leftwich mentioned Winston's car is in the parking lot before they arrive, and still there when they leave. Both coaches want to see Winston balancing the demands of the new schedule with the demands of being a young father.

"It's a newer schedule of learning a new offense, trying to put the right amount of work into this offense and definitely get out of here in time to spend time with my son and my girl, Brei," Winston said. 

He and his teammates begin a closed-to-the-public minicamp next week at the AdventHealth Training Center. From there the Bucs will have some time away before training camp opens in late July. Some of those practices will be open to the public (schedule will be forthcoming).