Hall of Famer Randy Moss mentoring Jameis Winston in Tampa

Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss is in Tampa this week to help Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, along with a couple dozen NFL receivers, prepare for their training camps. 

Moss has 14 year of NFL experience to share and he tells FOX 13 Sports that Winston must learn from his most recent mistake – a mistake that cost him a three-game suspension to start the season.

"He's doing things right and there's a bump in the road,” Moss told Kevin O'Donnell. "What he did was wrong. I'm not sitting up here and saying right or wrong. The was a women involved, so I'm not going to get into all of that. What he did was wrong. He knows it was wrong. So I think it's up for him as a man to understand what he did wrong, live and learn from it and let it go."

Winston declined to talk with FOX 13 Sports on camera, only saying he'll catch up with us at training camp.

Moss admits he made his share of mistakes when it came into the NFL that got him in trouble. His advice to Winston – and other NFL players that he works with – is to surround yourself with friends that are going to keep you from making your own mistakes.

"One of the things I've always told my people is don't be scared or shy to tell me no,” continued Moss. "Because I check my pride in at the door. I'll thank you later when I'm not behind bars or when I'm still on the football team. A lot of these guys don't realize that they are being watched under a microscope. They don't realize it until it happens to them and they are out of a job."

Moss believes Winston can overcome this if he makes the right choices the rest of the way. He's pulling for him because he doesn't like seeing players fail.

"There's been a lot of lonely nights,” said Moss. “A lot of lonely nights. Saturday nights before a football game, a lot of lonely and heartache nights, crying nights. Just for the stuff I had to put up with, just being a professional athlete. I'm just here to be able to tell and just give the guys whatever I've been through. Like I say, if they take it, they take it. If they don't, so what."