Pizza, BBQ, and beer: Buccaneers show off new stadium food options for 2021

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed off the new food and drink options available to fans this season during a sneak-preview Wednesday. 

"One week from tomorrow night, we're going to be at a full capacity," proclaimed Bucs COO Brian Ford. 

The team showed off the new Aussie Grill, an Outback concept.  Little Caesars becomes the stadium's first-ever branded pizza option. Also new this season, Winghouse will have a setup of its own. 

There are new drink options as well, including some from local beermakers Coppertail Brewing. There's also a new Vizzy bar for the seltzer lovers. 

Coppertail's Florida Special Lager comes in a Bucs-colored can.

"Every offseason, we look at what can we do from a fan’s perspective to enhance gameday experience," Ford continued. 

Meanwhile, the team also showed off the new Champions Lounge, an all-inclusive high-end seating area.  

As for masks, the team says it will encourage fans to wear them inside the stadium.