Coppertail Brewing Co. finds success in Tampa and beyond

More than three years ago, Coppertail Brewing Co. graced its presence in Tampa, and within that time, it’s success has reached as close as our own fridges, and beyond the Bay Area.

The building started as a battered warehouse off of Adamo Drive, but the owners saw its potential. Now, the large building has transformed into an anchor business with a sign just outside its entrance that reads, "Barely in Ybor since 2014."

They dream of making the best beer in Florida, said Kent Bailey, a co-founder. There are about 200 breweries in the state, with about 80 in Tampa Bay. He says the local breweries help each other out. If Cigar City Brewery runs out of an ingredient, Coppertail will help replenish them, and vice-versa.

"Those big, mega national brands sometimes don't want us to do so well," Bailey told FOX 13.

The brand can be found in grocery stores and has expanded its varieties from Florida weisse to stout or porter collaborations with local businesses like, Buddy Brew. Their bottles are sold as far north as Jacksonville and as far south as Miami.

Those labels include iconic artwork that is just as unique as the beer, with a dark and creative underwater-theme, created by the artist, Evan B. Harris. The designs are plastered on the exterior of the brewery and the tall walls of the tasting room.

Recently, the brewery opened a kitchen serving up meals from Stein & Vine, located in Brandon.

Four core beers are available year round: Wheat Stroke, Unholy, Night Swim and Free Dive. On a weekly basis, brewers play with different yeast and ingredients to release a number of special releases throughout the year.

Coppertail Brewing Co.
2601 East 2nd Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605