President of XFL's Tampa Bay Vipers says, 'Version 1.0 is a distant memory'

The XFL is hoping for success at its second attempt in the sports world.

The first time the owner Vince McMahon, who is also the chairman for the WWE, launched the league it only lasted one season in 2001. However, the president of the Tampa Bay Vipers – the name of the local XFL team – said during Good Day Tampa Bay that this time around will be different.

"Version 1.0 is a distant memory. Version 2.0 is centered around good football, community engagement, putting fans above all," explained Josh Bullock. "We've been given time and resources."

Last week, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck announced the names of all eight XFL teams, including Tampa Bay's team. The team's V-shaped logo is green and yellow, similar to the school colors of the University of South Florida.

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"We couldn't be more proud of the Vipers logo. We love being able to share it with the die-hard football fans in Tampa Bay," Bullock said.

Once the NFL season ends with Super Bowl 54 on February 2, football fans will just have to wait a week before the XFL season starts.

"A week. Think about spring football outside in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium with an affordable, fun product. Families will be rushing to Ray Jay to catch us," Bullock predicts.

Teams will begin drafting players in October with the 2020 season kicking off off Saturday, February 8. It will air on FOX. 

"This is going to be traditional football that you've grown up loving," Bullock said. "We are taking an active look at making the game faster-paced, more up tempo, higher scoring, figuring out how to get the fans involved a little bit more."

"Go Vipers."