Sarasota golfer goes for 7th title at North American One-Armed Golf Championship

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When he's playing golf, Vince Biser's only focus is on his own game. 

"I just try to keep positive thoughts in my head and not think about anything negative, then just focus on one shot at a time," he explained. 

His focus never has and never will be on the disability that could have held him back. 

"I've never known anything different," Biser said.  

Biser was born with cerebral palsy, and plays golf using just his left arm. 

It doesn't deter him. 

He can drive the ball 250 yards, chip and putt with ease. He's also a six-time champion of the North American One-Armed Golf Championship. 

"Nobody cares about everybody else's disability, and we just go out there and just have a good time," Biser said. 

He is the defending champion, and this summer, he'll go for his seventh title. The trophies and medals are all nice reminders of his hard work, but he hopes he sets an example for anyone doubting their abilities. 

"Don't let anybody tell you you can't do it," he said. "Go out and do it before people say, 'Oh you have a disability, you can't do it.' Go out and prove them wrong," he said.  

That's what Biser has done, and will continue to do, for years to come. 

"Yeah, at least as long as my body will allow it!" he said.

The North American One-Armed Golf Championship will be played at Innisbrook in June.