USF Bulls hope for season to proceed as 2 conferences decide college football and COVID-19 don't mix

The college football season is in doubt after two conferences announced they would not be playing games this fall.

The Mid-American and the Mountain West conferences made the announcements Monday, as all eyes focused on the Power Five conferences, which includes the South Eastern Conference (SEC) and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

This weekend, coaches and players at the University of South Florida, which is part of the American Athletic Conference (AAC), rooted for a season to take place.

"We want to play as soon as we can play safely," said USF coach Jeff Scott.

The commissioner of the SEC, home to the Florida Gators, tweeted, "Can we play? I don't know."

Gov. Ron DeSantis says they should.

"These students work their whole lives to get to this point and they shouldn’t have their season taken away from them," said DeSantis during an appearance in Riverview. "There isn't anything you do in life that is entirely risk-free."

President Trump weighed in with a tweet, as well: "Play college football!"

"The players and the coaches and everyone else on the field are all voluntary members of this experiment to see what works and what does not work," said Dr. Jay Wolfson, the dean of USF Health Policy.

While it's unclear what kind of quarantine measures would be possible in a college environment, USF says its plan has worked, so far.

Of 514 tests, 24 have tested positive, but all are back on the field. Two have opted out.

"Obviously we have no idea what the season is going to look like," said Coach Scott. "Hey, it could end tomorrow. It could end in December, let's just enjoy every single day and have no regrets."

USF's season is scheduled to begin Sept. 5 in Cincinnati.