UNDead in the Water: Zombies take control of the SS American Victory for Halloween

A historic WWII ship is taken over by zombies during the month of October.

Normally, the SS American Victory serves as a floating museum, docked in the Port of Tampa. On Fridays and Saturday – and, of course, on Halloween night – the “UNDead in the Water” brings a nautical haunting attraction to downtown Tampa.

If you dare to come on board, you’ll only be armed with a blacklight flashlight. The living dead, apparently, has a virus that infects them and causes them to react poorly to UV lights. 

All you need to do is escape the depths of the haunted cargo ship, where the zombies lurk. 

The last day to immerse yourself in the haunted storyline is November 2. 

LINK: Additional information can be found on the UNDead in the Water website.