Dog floats on couch in flooded NC house for a week before being rescued

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After Hurricane Florence, a tiny dog managed to survive in its owner's flooded home for a full week before being rescued.

The Humane Society of Missouri's Disaster Response Team recorded video as they broke down the door, in at least 5 feet of flood water, and rescued the white Maltese pup, which was floating on a couch.

The dog's owner was out of state when Florence hit and couldn't get home to get her furry friend, named Soshe.

Frantic, Soshe's owner called the Humane Society for help.

Rescuers said the home was hard to find. Flood water covered all of the homes up to their roofs, making addresses impossible to locate.

The rescue team knew when they finally found the right house because they could hear Soshe barking.

Video of the rescue shows two members of the team in life jackets, floating at the door of the home. They had to brace themselves on overhead beams to kick the door open and get to Soshe.

Other than being very hungry, his rescuers said Soshe appeared to be OK.

The Humane Society of Missouri says Soshe has since been reunited with his grateful owner.

For more information on how to help their rescue efforts, visit the Humane Society of Missouri’s website.