Forecast: Freeze watch for northern counties as cold air settles in

Florida’s stretch of warm, sunny weather has come to an end, and it’s going to get even colder.

“We’re going to see some pretty chilly weather over the next couple of days,” warned FOX 13 meteorologist Jim Weber.

In the wake of a cold front that moved through Sunday, Tampa woke up to a low temperature of 45 Monday morning, and even the southern Bay Area barely made it to 50. 

With a persistent northerly wind and clear skies, the next few nights are going to be colder. Lows in Tampa will bottom out at 40 early Tuesday, and could be even colder Wednesday morning.

The Bay Area’s northern counties will be well into the 30s overnight, with patchy frost possible.

A freeze watch has already been issued for Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter counties for early Wednesday.

“Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning will be some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in quite some time,” Jim Weber added.

After that, temperatures will warm up slightly but nowhere near the 80s that we’ve seen for much of the month. 

The forecast for Gasparilla on Saturday is mostly sunny with a high of 75. 

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