Lines form around few open Bay Area restaurants

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After a long weekend prepping and waiting for Hurricane Irma, many people across the Bay Area were ready for a hot meal Monday. 

It was evident by long lines at the few restaurants that opened Monday afternoon. 

At Sonny's BBQ in Tampa, a line stretched away from the building into the parking lot.

But the sun was shining when Jennifer Hollifield snapped a picture of lots of patient people waiting for seating.

On the roadway next to Steak 'n Shake near Lake Magdalene in Tampa, more than a dozen cars stretched along Dale Mabry Highway, all in line to get to the restaurant's drive thru. 

A similar scene played out on Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa as drivers lined up, waiting to drive through McDonald's.

At a Waffle House in Clearwater, hungry customers formed a line along the side of the building, stretching out into the parking lot.

There was also a line outside Outback Steakhouse in St. Petersburg and Domino's Pizza in Bartow.

Many were happy to wait in line if it meant a hot meal was in their future.