Ohio crash footage shows dangers of driving on icy roads

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Ohio drivers are being urged to use extreme caution on icy roads and the Ohio Department of Transportation shared footage from a November 27 crash to illustrate that point.

ODOT also stressed the importance of staying inside a vehicle if it becomes disabled.

Dash camera footage, provided by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, was shared on January 31 and shows a black pick-up truck swerving from one side of the road to the other while traveling on the I-75 near Lima.

The truck crashes into a barrier and then rebounds into a passing vehicle before appearing to collide with a car that was parked at the highway shoulder, where people were standing.

The department says in its post that the video demonstrates two things motorists must be cautious of when driving in icy conditions: “One, that bridges and overpasses freeze first and can remain icy when other sections of pavement are not. And two, that should your vehicle become disabled along a highway, remain inside it if possible.”

According to the post, nobody was injured in the accident.