BluePearl veterinarians provide hurricane prep advice

Veterinarians are BluePearl want to remind you of how your pets need to be ready for a storm.

Charley met with a veterinarian to provide that advice to you. Here are some tips:

If you’re evacuating:
Provide a way to contain your way to contain your anima, for instance a cat carrier or leashes and collars for dogs
Harness is better if they get scared
Food, water, and bowls
Their medication if you can’t get access to
Vaccine reports

If you’re not evacuating:
It’s not recommended to sedate them
Try to be with them and keep them calm

When it comes to livestock:
Cinder block barns are safer than wooden ones, if its wood, observe the amount of debris in the area to determine if it’s safe

Blue Pearl will remain open for emergencies only from September 9-10 and possibly on September 11.

For other safety tips click here.

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