Hometown Heroes: Boards for Bros

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Anthony Brown doesn't go anywhere without his skateboard.

The Wharton High School sophomore spends every weekend with his friends at the Skate Park of Tampa, and he's got Boards for Bros to thank for his wheels.

Since 2006, the nonprofit group has given away over 1,000 skateboards to kids in need.

"I was using my old skateboard and then I lost it. Then Boards for Bros gave me a new one," said Anthony.

It's people like Brian Schaefer, owner of the Skate Park of Tampa, who make Boards for Bros possible. Throughout the year, he helps collect old skateboard parts and uses those pieces to build new boards. Then he gets to give each one of those boards away.

"It costs nothing really to contribute to something great that can make a big difference in someone's life," said Brian.

Michelle Box has seen the difference skateboarding has made in her son's life and is happy to help the cause.

"It was so good for him both physically and mentally, and I just became really committed to giving that gift to all children no matter what their economic background," explained Michelle, Executive Director of Boards for Bros.

Michelle gets goosebumps every time she hands a child their very own board.

"A big part of our mission also is putting their names on the board because a lot of them can't believe that we would just give them something valuable like that to take home. So when they actually see their name on the board, it's a really special moment," said Michelle.

It's those moments that inspire the Boards for Bros crew to continue collecting and building boards and trying to change lives, one skateboard at time.