Hometown Heroes: Good Sport Papa Russo

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The generosity of one man can affect so many. Just ask Angelo Russo. His donations to the University Area Community Development Center have helped hundreds of people over the last two years.

Angelo has donated tons of sports equipment to the center's Get Moving Program, which provides affordable health and fitness programs to people in the community.
"Get the kids in here where they're off the streets and can make something of themselves. I like that," said Angelo.

Each ball, club and puck he collects helps determine what programs the center can offer.

"By him collecting the sports equipment he's allowing us to create programs. He'll come with a bunch of basketballs and we say now we have enough equipment to start a basketball league," said the University Area Community Development Center's CEO,

Angelo finds most of the goods at garage and estate sales, and he's not shy about trying to get the best deal.
"Me and about 20 other guys fight for curb stuff. People leave stuff on their curbs," joked Angelo.

And when people find out what he's looking for —and why— they're usually more than happy to help.

"Sometimes they'll tell me to come back this afternoon and if there's anything left I can take what I want. That just happened last week. Then I show them a letter of thanks," said Angelo.

He's met a lot of generous people and collected tons of stuff and over the last two years but he'd never actually seen all of the donations in one place— until today.

"I can't believe how much is back there. It's something," said Angelo. 

But the biggest shock of his day was finding out he's a hometown hero. And it made him cry tears of joy.

"Where did that come from? You got me there. I just do it for the kids. That's all," said Angelo.

For more information about Angelo Russo and the Get Moving program, visit  FOX 13’s Jennifer Epstein on Facebook.