Hometown Heroes: Young cancer survivor encourages others like her

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Madison Miller is proud to tell her story of survival and hope. She shares her battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma and her journey to recovery through her non-profit organziation, Spark the Way.
"When they diagnosed me, it was like one of those surreal moments. I'm 20 years old. I thought this only happened to old people. Honestly, when you're that age, you kind of think that you're invincible," said Madison.

When the shock of her diagnosis eased, Madison felt acceptance.

"I knew that God had it, and I was okay with it," explained Madison.

Through her faith in God, she found peace, and she leaned on her friends and family for support- especially her grandfather, who was going through his own fight with cancer at the time. 

"I credit him a lot too for showing me to lean on God. I watched him fight his battle and he leaned on God too," said Madison.

Madison documented every part of her journey: The good days, the bad days and the worst days.

"That was honestly the worst day of my life, losing my hair," said Madison.

But she didn't hide behind a wig. Instead she proudly showed her face and her bald head in hopes of sparking a conversation with other young adults battling cancer.

"I've been given this for a reason, and if I'm going to go out in public and encourage someone that it's going to start a conversation- it's going to do something where I can help someone, and love on someone and encourage someone else going through it- then that's why I'm here," explained Madison.

Two years into remission and Madison continues sparking the way for others to tell their story of hope and progress too. 
"Victory doesn't come just when you're healed. It comes when you can look at cancer and say, 'you've got nothing on me, I'm gonna win this’," said Madison.

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