10-year-old leukemia patient hopes to meet Taylor Swift

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A Bay Area girl, battling leukemia, is hoping to meet one of her idols this weekend but it may take local social media users to make that happen.

Ten-year-old Marissa has a special connection with Taylor Swift and would love to meet the pop star when she comes to Tampa on Saturday.  She's even written a song of her own that she hopes to perform. 

But the Children’s Dream Fund -- a local non-profit that helps make dreams come true for children with life-threatening conditions -- has thus far been unable to get Taylor's attention.

That's where the CDF is hoping social media can step in.  They posted a video of Marissa's heartfelt song and they are hoping that if enough people share it, they'll be able to make Marissa's dream come true.

"It's a slim chance but we want to know we've done everything we can," CDF's Mallory Young told FOX 13.

There is some precedent for that -- Swift often meets with ailing fans and just this week surprised a 6-year-old Alabama girl suffering from kidney cancer.

Marissa was diagnosed with leukemia back in 2013 and Taylor Swift's music has helped her through the tough times, Young explained.  The 10-year-old learned how to write songs as part of her treatment, and Swift's anthem "Shake it Off" helped her get through the bullying she experienced when she lost her hair.

No matter what happens, at least Marissa will get to see the show.  A CDF donor has already made it possible for her to attend the show in a suite at Raymond James Stadium.

LINK: Watch & share Marissa's video